W is for Work Life Balance

So, work life balance initiatives are essential to ensure that employees are motivated to do their work effectively,and to give their best. It’s also important to recognise that work life balance looks and feels very different for each individual.

Some individuals have family or childcare responsibilities. Some individuals might have caring responsibilities. Whilst other individuals may not have  any particular responsibilities but equally value the importance of flexible working to enable them to enjoy activities outside of the workplace or manage their lives more effectively.

Enabling individuals to bring their whole self to work and to recognise the importance of mental and physical wellness within a safe and engaged working environment is a great way to bring about a positive and inclusive culture.

Flexible working and other such initiatives are as important, if not more important than salary considerations for many people. So, if you want a happy, motivated workforce and want to stand out when it comes to recruiting talent, it is worth asking your workforce what initiatives would work for them or learning from best practice.