V.7. Jungle Brochure PRINT:Layout 1Jungle Diversity is a boutique consultancy firm, specialising in harnessing the power of  Diversity & Inclusion.

We help to weave diversity into the fabric of organisations allowing them to reap the benefits that a truly inclusive workforce can bring including; better customer service, improved staff retention, enhanced creativity, and ultimately, greater profits.

We recognise however that creating the right balance in a team or organisation is easier said than done and is not something that can be achieved overnight!  Often it requires a change to deeply routed traditions, a shift in mindset and a change in behaviour.

Our approach at Jungle is to work with Organisations, their Executive Boards and Leadership Teams, as well as Individuals to harness the power of diversity, creating a diversity journey that utilizes the talent of the full workforce, allowing everyone to realise their true potential at work.

We offer a range of products and services to help build authentic and inclusive workplace environments, including creating a leadership presence for professional women.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy
  • tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard, Strategy Sessions, Accelerator Days & Programmes
  • Training Development Programmes  & Workshops
  • Diversity & Inclusion Coaching & Mentoring
  • Male Advocacy Programmes
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Communication & Engagement Strategy

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Tel: 01952 301302

email: Samantha@junglehr.com