tribe5 logoAddressing Diversity at work goes far beyond the now annual submission of Gender pay data. Organisations now have the opportunity to take action and truly demonstrate to customers, shareholders and staff that they are serious about creating a more Diverse and Inclusive organisation.

Our CEO has designed the tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion  Methodology™   to help you assess your organisation’s progress on the Diversity and Inclusion journey.

tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™ will  show you the steps you need to take to improve and foster an inclusive environment within which people’s differences are recognised and valued.  It focuses on five key areas required to create a Diverse and Inclusive Culture at work.

Organisations that adopt and follow tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™ will have a greater success of creating an Inclusive culture, improving company performance and attracting and retaining top talent and new clients.

How to experience tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™

You can access the tribe5 methodology in a number of ways:

The Diversity & Inclusion Scorecard

The tribe5 Diversity and Inclusion scorecard – is a free online business tool to assess your organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion culture.

It will help you to establish what stage you are at in creating an Inclusive culture.

It provides the next steps you need to take to improve and foster an Inclusive environment within which people’s differences are recognised and valued.

Click here to learn more

Closing the Gap – 5 steps to creating an Inclusive Culture

Closing the gap book coverNow available on Amazon, this book provides business leaders, directors and HR  professionals with clear, practical guidance both for those taking their first steps and those already on their journey; presenting an opportunity to ‘evaluate progress’ and embed inclusive practices into all future strategies.  It utilises the unique tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™ methodology to provide practical advice to any organisation seeking to transform their office culture.

By following the five-step methodology readers can take stock of their current situation and raise awareness of what needs to change, learn how to inspire and involve all stakeholders, build inclusivity and diversity into future strategies and embed positive practices to achieve a maximum impact.

Available as a paperback for £14.99 with free delivery or as a Kindle edition for £6.99

Inspire – Inclusion Strategy Session

tribe5 strategy sessionInspire – Inclusion Strategy Session – a two-hour strategy session with clear steps on how to commence the creation of a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy for your organisation.

You will leave the session feeling inspired and a clear plan to enable you to commence the creation of your strategy. Read more here or

Click here to download the Inspire Strategy Session brochure.

Our next free Strategy Session is being held in London on Wednesday 21st November – click here to register.

Ignite – One day Accelerator

Ignite One Day Accelerator – a more intense day with keynote and guest speakers and lots of best practice to ignite your passion for a culture that is Diverse and Inclusive.

It’s a great day to work on your business and people strategy with other, like-minded professionals.

It’s fun and you will make loads of good contacts and come away with fresh ideas and your passion ignited around Diversity.

Impact – Diversity & Inclusion Accelerator

Impact Six-Month Accelerator – not all organisations have the resources in house to bring about a culture change which requires focus and resilience.

Our Accelerator programme includes working with a peer group who are embarking upon a similar challenge.

The Impact programme consists of six, one-day workshops which take you through each stage of tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion

You will have the support of a guiding team, a community where you can get ideas, advice and accountability as well as workbooks and templates.

The Impact programme is designed to help you achieve the greatest impact possible with maximum support.


Infuse – In-house Programme

Infuse In-house Programme – for those companies that prefer dedicated, focused interventions.

The Infuse programme combines consultancy expertise with our learning solutions to deliver accelerated results.

Jungle is experienced in partnering with organisations to deliver people and business strategies and cultural change.

From a Diversity Discover phase to the design of a Diversity Inclusiveness (D&I) strategy our Infuse programme will enable you to accelerator the design and implementation of your Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Strategy.

To find out more about tribe5 Diversity & Inclusion ™ contact us

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