diversity-inclusionWhether you’re looking to conduct a Diversity & Inclusion audit of your organisation,  wanting to run a workshop or change the tone and language of your organisation through communication projects, we do so with passion, creativity and sensitivity.

We know from experience however that to bring about successful and lasting change, there needs to be wide understanding for the need to change,  recognition of the benefits it can bring and clarity around the roles that everyone needs to play.     That is why our Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy solutions span a number of areas as we believe that a holistic approach is important.

Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy

Our Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy provides an essential framework within which organisations can reflect upon where they are currently and then sensitively build a diversity journey roadmap for implementation.

tribeDiversity Accelerator ™ Methodology

A range of business tools, Strategy Sessions and Accelerator Programmes to give organisations greater success in creating an Inclusive culture, improving overall performance and attracting and retaining top talent and new clients. Find out more here.

Communication & Engagement Strategy

Varied and regular communication is vital when launching and embedding any initiative, and particularly one which involves behavioural change. Our Communication team have a proven track record of helping organisations communicate their messages simply, but with impact.   They help those who are  delivering the messages to understand which stories they need to stop telling, as well as shape the stories which need to be told to bring about the changes.    

Diversity & Inclusion Ambassador Programmes

As organisations move towards a more gender diverse workforce, developing internal Ambassadors who will spearhead the benefits that a diverse workforce will bring, will be essential.  These individuals, often spanning multiple levels within an organisation, with our help, will role model the behavioural change that is required and lead the way.

Inclusive Leadership Workshops

We have a wealth of experience in designing and delivering learning solutions, including leadership workshops that enable leaders to consider their leadership style and unconscious biases.

Male Advocacy Programmes

Through the design and implementation of our Male Advocacy Programmes we support organisations to sensitively recognise and value the strengths, differences and gifts that everyone brings.

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