Jungle Diversity CEO, Teresa Boughey, writes and contributes to many articles on HR policies, diversity and inclusivity:

24 ways to support employees on world mental health day

Talk Business – 24 Ways to Support your Employees on World Mental Health Day

I contributed to this extensive list of positive actions that can be taken to improve workplace well-being. I focused on being supportive and inclusive and delving into the data when it comes to absence in order to support staff or make the necessary adjustments for employees to return to work.


DiversityQ Image
Image: DiversityQ

DiversityQ – Why the success of workplace inclusion relies on the collaboration of all

In this article I explain why collaboration  across all levels of an organisation is key to embedding impactful diversity and inclusion programmes.

By definition, inclusion isn’t exclusive but inclusive! So it is not just for leaders or the HR department, everyone has a role to play. Read more here.

HR Grapevine

HR Grapevine – Enabling your disabled talent

There are 13.9 million disabled people in the UK yet many employers are not taking advantage of this talent. Organisations must make “Reasonable adjustments” and HR must differentiate learning for employees with impairments – but how should this work?

I was pleased to contribute to this article.


Association of MBA's

Association of MBAs – Everyone has a role in creating an inclusive culture

In this article I explain why inclusivity and diversity in the workplace are not just the role of the HR department. Leaders and managers play a vital role, as do all employees.

Another area where organisations can do so much to embrace an inclusive culture is to encourage men to be advocates for change and champion everyone in the workplace.  Read more here.

HRD Connect Logo

HRD Connect – Prioritise Employee Wellbeing, not just Absence Numbers

Employee wellbeing shouldn’t just be a tick box or a legal obligation, looking after your staff’s physical and mental well-being  is essential as a healthy workforce is a happy workforce and leads to reduced absence, higher employee engagement, and improved business performance.  Read more in my article.


We are the city logo

We are the City – Inspirational Woman Series

I was pleased to feature in the Inspirational Woman Series for We are the City, a great organisation that supports the female talent pipeline across many sectors with career development events, conferences,  resources and networks

My interview covered my career journey, challenges and my thoughts on gender parity. Read more here.

Counsel Magazine – What the Bar can Learn from Personality Profiling

Using a management tool such as Insights Discovery can really help in situations where there is Insights Discoverymisunderstanding and even conflict. Standing back and thinking about your communication style, your own biases, when we value the differences that we all have, we are able to open up extensive possibilities, build stronger relationships, avoid conflict and create rich solutions.

Sharing my article for The Bar Council’s magazine using a case study.




Image: BBC

BBC top salary list: genuine gender equality or PR stunt?

When the BBC published its 2019 star salaries list  three women ranked as top paid presenters for the first time.

In light of this, HRreview asked me and other professionals in their field to pose the question of whether this is a genuine step by the BBC to rectify inequality within their company or a way of ticking boxes merely to comply to standards? Read what we said.

About Time Magazine – Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch 2019

top 100 females to watch 2019

I was thrilled to be featured in this ‘definitive list of top female professionals’ and be listed as one of the top 10 Female Entrepreneurs to watch in 2019 alongside some amazing women with global businesses.


HR Magazine – Some FTSE firms still taking “one and done” approach to women on boards

Image: HR Magazine
Image: HR Magazine

This article in about the Hampton-Alexander Review’s mid-year update on gender make up of FTSE 350 boards shows there are still a large number of FTSE 350 firms with just one woman on their boards, so despite things getting better there is still an element of tokenism.

I contributed to this article and argue for accessible role models and celebrating success where due.



Incentive & Motivation Magazine – 4 Ways to create an inclusive reward strategy

Incentive & Motivation Magazine

We all know that a well-constructed reward strategy will boost team morale and productivity and help with your talent planning but do you know the essential factors to include in your strategy?

Here are my top tips as told to Incentive and Motivation magazine



Training Journal – The Mentoring Manual

training journal

There are subtle differences between coaching and mentoring, although both are valuable for creating an inclusive workplace.

Mentoring is an excellent way to support individuals throughout their career path. Read my top tips to establish an effective mentoring scheme in the Training Journal here.



UK Recruiter – Top Tips for an Inclusive Recruitment Strategy

A truly inclusive strategy needs to be tailored for your organisation, but there are several strategies UK recruiter magazinethat you can follow that will show positive results across a wide variety of sectors.

Here’s my thoughts from UK Recruiter



Relocate Global – Helping companies to foster a diverse and inclusive culture

Image Global People - iStockI was keynote speaker at the Festival of Global People and I was very happy to share how inclusion is good business for everyone.  Ahead of the Festival I was interviewed about future-proofing your organisation and creating an inclusive culture.

Here’s the write up of my opening speech at the Festival  in Relocate Global.



Recruiter – We need to move away from ‘sickness absence’ and focus instead on ‘health and wellbeing’

recruiter mag istock

A healthier workforce is a happier one and benefits both the individual and the employer. Find out why you need to look at the root causes of absenteeism in your organisation in my article for Recruiter Magazine.



Undercover Recruiter – Make Inclusivity at the Heart of Your Recruitment

undercover recruiter - june issueThere’s no one size fits all as the skills required for one specific industry won’t be the same for another, which is why every organisation needs to tailor their recruitment strategy.

Read my simple strategies in Undercover Recruiter that you can implement which will improve the inclusivity of your recruitment, whilst streamlining current processes.


Elite Business – How we can limit the impact of

elite business june issue

unconscious bias on recruitment

Unconscious Bias is just that, our personal experience, background, education and cultural environment are often contributory factors to the deep-seated prejudices that we hold. This can be a real problem in recruitment, here’s my advice as published in Elite Magazine.


Wax Digital – How to Successfully Train and Develop your Team Skills

Wax Digital iStock-936284004

Fostering a learning environment should be a part of your workforce culture and presented as a range of development opportunities to be fully inclusive, not just accessible to those that shout loudest. Read my article for more top tips.


Raconteur – How to Get Employee Recognition Right

Raconteur imageA Special Report about employee recognition with contributions from companies in America and Europe, Warwick Business School. I contributed to the Four Top Tips on Recognition.


BA Business Life – How to Create an Inclusive Workplace

BA Business Life logo

Read my Top Ten Tips on how to create a culture that is inclusive, celebrates diversity and ensures all employees feel values.




Midlands Business Insider – Diversity and Delivery

diversity and deliveryI’ve commented on setting an inclusive cultural tone in this article which looks at issues around whether it is good business practice and what if embracing a diversity strategy is good for the bottom line.



Charity Finance – Everybody Welcome?

charity finance imageA great article by Priya Kantaria looking at the workforce diversity within charities and what practical steps they can take to solve the problems. I have contributed on the subject of unconscious bias.



Business Independent – Gender pay reporting – what is the next step?Teresa Boughey

The Gender Pay gap is not getting any smaller – this could be disappointing for some companies or very uncomfortable for others. Read my article to see how companies can address these issues in a holistic way and the importance of narratives.


Personnel Today – Diversity in HR: is it really a ‘white female’ profession?

diversity in HRHow can HR address inequality that a broad spectrum of workers experience, when the profession is perceived as mostly white and female? Read my comments in this article by Ashleigh Webber


Everywoman: 5 Experts on the UK’s Gender Pay Gap Report

5 experts on what the UK’s gender pay gap report

The 2019 Gender Pay Gap showed little change from 2018, find out what myself and others think and how a holistic approach helps.




Real Business: Tackling Turnover by Understanding Why Employees Leave your Business

tackling turnover imageWhen you get recruitment right, it’s brilliant. But when it goes wrong it can damage brand and reputation. Read my article about how understanding why your employees leave can help your future talent planning.


Shropshire Business: Present, but a long way from correct

presenteeism.Presenteeism is basically the opposite to absenteeism and describes the person who comes to work but are not well or fit for work or stays at work although they have other responsibilities. Read my comments on the ‘fear factor’ that can lead to burn out and stress.


CXM Book Club: Closing the Gap – 5 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Culture Teresa Boughey

My book was reviewed by Customer Experience Magazine the UK’s premier online source for Customer Experience news, features, and opinion by Paul Ainsworth.

Read the full review here


teresa bougheyShimmering Shades of Psychology: Shropshire Business Today

Keeping ourselves well and knowing how to power up our mind is vital for personal health and well being.  However, sometimes we are so busy rushing around (often putting others needs ahead of our own) that we forget the importance of our own needs.

Our latest article for Shropshire Business Today focuses on six human psychological needs, what are they and how can they be fulfilled click here to read our article – it’s calorie free food for thought!

Taming the Monster: Shropshire Business Today

Teresa Boughey

The world we live in is complicated and being a leader, running a business and managing people can feel like taming an unmanageable monster.

Take a look at our latest article featured in the Shropshire Business Today magazine on how to tame the monster.


Talent Mapping: AMPS Magazine

talent mappingTalent Management is an important activity for any organisation.

Read our latest article ‘Navigating through the Talent Management Jungle‘ published in the AMPS magazine.